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Creatively Combating Loneliness (2021)

Every Time a Bell Rings - Mangled Yarn Theatre

 In October 2021 Mangled Yarn Theatre delivered a National Lottery funded prgramme of workshops, perfomrances and wellbeing sessions on behalf of The Bedford Players Trust.

Working in collbaoration with Bedfordshire & Luton Recovery College to bring singalongs, yoga, craft sessions and Christmas good cheer to the Bedfordshire community!

From our work with the Bedfordshire community in 2020 and Every Time a Bell Rings, it became clear to us that there was a growing issue of loneliness and isolation in the area. After such a gruelling time for so many, still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, we felt it important to get out there and try to help. 

Using It's a Wonderful Life as inspiration, we sent out performers and facilitators into some of the most vulnerable parts of the community, visiting assited living homes, dementia wards and local community centres across the area to deliver free peformances and workshops. Through our work we hoped to bring people together again and establish the roots of a network for people in need to utilise. 


Every Time a Bell Rings - Mangled Yarn Theatre


West End Best Friend ⭐⭐⭐⭐
“A brilliant production with a festive feel”

Everything Theatre ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Proof that miracles do happen at Christmas”

The story of how Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, earned his wings is a familiar one. But even an angel must learn their trade, and that’s a lesser known tale.

Join Clarence in his angelic education, as his celestial colleagues teach him the ropes, offer him advice and regale him with their own stories of how they gained their flying licences. But will he be ready when the call finally comes?

Every Time a Bell Rings is a festive collection of heart-warming, emotional and comical stories inspired by the diverse Bedford community.

Using a mixture of live and pre-recorded performances, including interviews and stories, all collected and reworked in Mangled Yarn's own raucous style - so expect lots of music, laughs and silliness thrown into the mix - the greatest gift we can give you this Christmas.

Every Time a Bell Rings was perfromed in front of a live audience for only one night, after pandemic restrictions forced theatres to close their doors. The team quickly pivoted and filmed this incredible production, streaming it digitally over the Christmas season of 2021. Get in touch to find out about the digital version via info@mangledyarn.c

And remember, every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!



Frankenstein - Mangled Yarn Theatre



Mangled Yarn’s first production was in 2019 at the The Warren: Blockhouse at the incredible Brighton Fringe. We thought Mary Shelly’s FRANKENSTEIN had to be the most inappropriate classic text to turn into a family friendly spectacular... thus Frankenstein the Pantomime was born.

Five incredible actor musicians lovingly unstitched the gothic drama, stuffed it full of panto dames, live music, disco parodies and whatever else they could find, and put it back together again! Take a look at how Mangled Yarn brings an old tale to life!

THE CAST (2019)

Edward Ferrow Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Rhianna Compton – The Monster

Neil Jennings – Mrs F

Chris Coxon – Igor

Alex Rivers – Everyone Else