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“A brilliant production with a festive feel”

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We are Mangled Yarn. We want to make theatre for everyone, everywhere. There are people in all corners of the world that for whatever reason don’t get to see live theatre. We want to change that.


Dedicated to bringing “challenging” classics back to life and original stories to new audiences, using: Comedy, Live music, Puppetry, Technology, Audience interaction and a whole host of other theatrical techniques and unexpected tricks.


Theatre should be a magical experience that creates lifelong memories, and it should be for all.


Mangled Yarn are committed to bringing theatre to those who don’t or can’t always get it. In these uncertain times it has become an uphill struggle.

Coping with the pandemic  has been an incredibly tough for everyone, with the arts industry being hit particularly hard. At this time we would usually be giving workshops in schools, universities, care homes and many other places within a community. We would be planning future projects and tours. We would be working as hard as possible to spread the joy of theatre in the UK and beyond. Right now that is extremely difficult and the ways of keeping the business afloat have become very limited


That’s why we are asking for your help.


Follow the link below to make a donation and help us to continue our work. We want our upcoming projects to be absolutely fantastic; any contribution, however small will help us make sure that they are.


We have suggested £3. That is the price of a cup of fancy coffee, a pint in anywhere except London, a Big Mac, an odd smelling scented candle, 1/20 of a west end show ticket or three items from a pound shop.

Instead you could help Mangled Yarn do extraordinary things: