Mangled Yarn


Mangled Yarn offers a totally British Shakespeare experience! You will find all the joy of the Elizabethan playhouse lovingly mangled with our own inimitable modern British style.

With a Mangled Yarn production travel is all part of the game, with sets and costumes built into our baggage! We rehearse the plays in merry England, pack up all the kings, queens, battles, bards and instruments, pile them into a plane and pop them up wherever you are! From Mantua to Madagascar we will journey anywhere to provide you with the magic of the world’s favorite playwright.

All our Shakespeare productions are conceived and directed by Professor Steve Purcell, published scholar and academic. Working closely with Steve we work hard to ensure each show is tailor made for a second language audience. Our 90 minute productions mean the story is straightforward and the language is celebrated but not complicated. We have lots of tricks up our sleeve to keep an audience entertained including live music, comedy audience interaction and a cast ready and willing to improvise. Our innovative costume and set design will create an incredible atmosphere in any setting. Built to be as practical as it is magical, the action will centre around the baggage we bring with us, rest assured we’ve brought more than just our toothbrush…

The production is accompanied by several exciting workshops suitable for all ages, which you can add as an optional extra. Every production will be followed by a question and answer session so that your audience can get to know the cast better and ask any burning questions they have about the show or the company.

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