Mangled Yarn


Mangled Yarn is committed to bringing theatre to everyone, everywhere. As part of that commitment we have been working with a crack team of scholars and writer/facilitators to put together an incredible selection of workshops and interactive performances for all ages and abilities.

They have been carefully designed to cover a range of subjects both performative and academic. They will be tailored to your needs specifically, whether it’s for native English speakers in the United Kingdom or second language students in the far flung corners of the globe.


In these challenging times we have also taken every step to ensure we are keeping you and our fantastic ensemble as safe as possible.


We are also happy to discuss creating bespoke workshops and performances for your requirements. Please get in touch at


interactive drama workshop

“Shakespeare’s Bottom” written by Kelly Griffiths, is a one hour, facilitated performance that intertwines A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Pyramus and Thisbe and Macbeth.

Our 2 actors will primarily play Bottom and Flute as they attempt to draw inspiration from “The complete works of Shakespeare” in preparation for their up-and-coming performance of “Pyramus and Thisbe”. They will face classic challenges such as gender swapping, multi-rolling and, of course, making sense of the rich and, often, mind-boggling text.

As you can imagine, Flute and Bottom will require as much help as they can get and so will facilitate getting the audience involved to create atmosphere, scenery and will even dish out some lines for the students to deliver.

So, join us in our one hour romp through some of Shakespeare’s most famous texts!



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What might it mean to think of characters as “textured”? Designed for Mangled Yarn by director and Shakespearean scholar Dr Stephen Purcell, and designer and social historian Dr Zoe Hudson, this workshop invites you to use your senses and your body to explore different qualities of movement. We’ll explore the properties of different types of fabric, and think about how those same properties might find their way into physical, vocal and psychological characterisation. This workshop can be tailored to a variety of different age groups, from juniors to adults.



Iambic pentameter needn’t be scary! This workshop, designed by director and Shakespearean scholar Dr Stephen Purcell, introduces the fundamentals of verse-speaking in a fun, interactive and accessible way. All you need is the ability to count to five, and a willingness to play - no prior experience required. This workshop can be tailored to a variety of different age groups, from juniors to adults.



Learn how to make these fun and easy decorative/costume items in this hands-on practical workshop.