Mangled Yarn


2020 is a busy year for us here at Mangled Yarn and although there is a global pandemic we are still battling on. Plans are being made and we are regularly adding online content to our social media platforms to ensure we are always spinning yarns!

Here’s a little taster of what’s ahead for the company!


It's a Wonderful Life - Mangled Yarn Theatre


Christmas Eve. George is contemplating ending his life: He never got out of Bedford Falls; the bank is on the verge of closure; Potter is closing in; and his blasted kids won’t stop practicing the infernal piano. It's all too much.

Now only Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, can save him and finally get his wings… This winter come and witness the joy and feel good fuzziness of the salvation of George Bailey, because now more than ever we need to remember IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!

Mangled Yarn have reimagined one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. For bringing it to life as you have never seen it before: filled with magic, music and Holdiay spirit! Four actors will take on every character using live music, puppetry and a sack load of Christmas magic to bring Bedford Falls to Bedford. Prepare to have your heart strings tugged, your sides split and your disbelief suspended.

Watch this space news on Christmas 2022!


What more is it you want? The moon? Well, we can’t make any promises but we’ll fetch our lasoo just in case.

An innovative, joyful and hilarious new production of It’s a Wonderful Life and we think it’s a pretty good idea…


We have been working with The Place Theatre Bedford and the incredible Alex Levene on this exciting new take on the Orwell novel that has never been more relevant.


Looking through the eyes of social media influence and the looming threat of state surveillance we relocate 1984 to the present day. It is Big Brother as you have never seen him before, fabulous and menacing in equal parts, Big Brother and his frighteningly funk backing band the Double Thinkers have total control over proceedings; whether it’s controlling your every word and thought or belting out all the hits from the year 1984 in the Crackdown Cabaret.


We explore sexual identity, the rights the individual and the how Orwell’s dystopian nightmare is beginning to look like reality in the shape of one disturbingly incredible night out.

Watch this space!